What are the positive impacts of the COVID-19 crisis?


What are the positive impacts of the COVID-19 crisis?

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  1. Originally Answered: What will be the positive outcome of the coronavirus outbreak in America?

    Thanks for thinking ahead:

    We will reinforce our quarantine system and be far less sick long into the future.

    We will stop a lot of stupid leftist ideas that are dangerous to people.

    We will see the Colleges and Universities essentially cease to exist. They are obsolete and this will push them over the edge.

    We will see public schools vastly altered that is wonderful

    We will see our social cohesion strengthened a great deal.

    We will see our disease handling technology greatly advanced.

    We will see our dependence on China and foreign sources of supply diminished and our domestic supply much stronger.

    We probably will see cruise lines having to clean up their disease factories.

    We probably will see our Airlines have to go back to service and being cleaner and safer.

    We will see massive improvements in employment.

    These may take some time but we will be a vastly stronger nation for this.

    We will see the anti-social elements cracked down on and repulsed from society.

    We may see much improvement in handling the homeless

    We may see much improvement in the handling of prisons.

    I really cannot see much of any way this doesn’t improve America.

    I will illustrate: In 1989 there was a Tornado in Huntsville, Alabama that was bad. The net up result of it was we got our National Guard up to stuff. We also got much of our military detection technology vastly improved. This made the USA much stronger and more powerful.

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