What are the pros and cons of a supercharger and a turbocharger and vice versa?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 15, 2020 04:36 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 15, 2020 04:36 AM

A supercharger has a compressor driven mechanically or sometimes electrically, it takes some engine power to run it but much more is gained by forcing more fuel and air into the cylinders. A turbocharger has a turbine run from the exhaust to drive the compressor, it uses what would otherwise be wasted power in the exhaust gases. Both have their good and bad points. too much to list in this reply. Both have been and are used successfully in cars from small hatchbacks to large and very fast sports cars both gas and diesel. Sometimes used to boost power as the supercharger in a Min Cooper S. Then sometimes to allow the use of a smaller engine to reduce emissions as in several quite large cars using a small 3 cylinder engine with turbocharger to give enough power.

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