What are the pros and cons of the population policy …


What are the pros and cons of the population policy in Pakistan?

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  1. However, if you were to take the population and area of Baluchistan out of the equation, Pakistan (347,000 area and 15 Million population) then Pakistan has a population density of 372 people per square kilometer.

    This would be near to the pop. density of Rwanda, Israel and India. Considering Punjab is mostly an argi-economy state, if you were to run some models to remove farmland areas, etc. you get to the numbers like 450-600 per square kilometer (do notice the rugged terrain of the Northern Areas). If you exclude those models as well, we are well above the 1,000 mark per square kilometer.

    This is an issue for us. Whilst we can easily support more people, this would be a problem 15-18 years down the road, when water resources (retained and filtering, etc) would be lower than the demand. As it is, in theory even, our water resources are scarce.

    Being predominantly a labour and agriculture economy, over population is already an issue. We want more children to increase the domestic labour force. We have the skewed thinking of completing the family (i.e. need a boy and a girl), and in the pursuit of such, produce extra children. We have an old age issue, the more the merrier so they can take care of old parents, etc.

    We need to educate our masses on the ills (literally!) of having more than 2 children. It takes a tremendous economical and mental strain on parents. More so economical.

    As it is the State provides diddly squat to us, we need to do a much much better job at reformulating our population policy. Think immunization. Thinking schooling. Think healthcare. Think economy. Think resource utilization. Think religion. Think bold.

    At present the policy is in theory only. There are no attached switches which can be turned ON or OFF in the event the population of a particular family increases vis-a-vis to the general area or country’s average population.

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