What are the qualifications for a female to join the Pakistani Army?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:39 AM

Girls_can_only_appl­y_in_5_Branches of PAFwhich is based on different Qualification Levels….

1)On Matric Base: Airwomen (Nursing Tecntn) for that any girl can apply who have 60% Marks in Matric with Bio Science

Starting Pay Scale after 3 Years Training is 9.

2) Intermediate Base:

PAF offer 2 Branches on Intermediate Base

(a) GDP

If any girl having 60% Marks in Pre Engng/Mdcl,ICS Physics

(b)CAE (Engng Branch)

Girls can easily apply if they have 65% Marks in Pre Engng Only

Starting Pay Scale after 4 Years Training from CAE,CFT and AJTS is 16.

3) IT Branch

(Graduation/Masters Based)

Girls who have degree of BE Software Engng,BS-CS,MS-CS,BS­ IT,MS IT with 2.5 CGPA/60% Equilent Marks

Starting Pay Scale is 17 after 5-6 Month Training.

4) Edu branch (After graduation)

Edu required is atleast 16 yrs of edu

5) GDMO (Medical Branch)

Girls with degree of MBBS + 1 Year House Job experience can apply for that branch

Starting Pay Scale is 17/18 after 6 months of Training.

During Training Different Incentives,Free Accommodation( Separate or Joint Rooms with Girl Cadets/­Officers),Annual Leave,50% Discount on all Air line Tickets and Full free on PAF Transport Aircrafts,Railway Vouchers also provide for home visit.

All Facilities are Provided same as Male Airmen/Officers.

Accommodation is also provided to Married Female officers for their Families.Pension and other old age benefits are also offer as per Retirement level scale.

Vacancies ads and FAQs are also available on PAF Official Website and all Newspapers of Pakistan.

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