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  1. see so many haters saying “Empty grounds, No one comes to see your worthless matches”, ‘Please join us when PSL happens in PAKISTAN, we already know the matter you are indicating, mentioning it was too, so worthless!’
    Our legacy from day one was to spread the cleanliness and dignity, ‘Have a look at our opening ceremonies’
    Each match witnesses a different level of joy, ‘Had a bad day at office? come to us, we will delight you in a different way’ 😛
    The most funny thing is when foreign players advertise local brands, ‘their speaking style of Urdu in their international accent makes it worth watching in between the matches’ 😉
    PSL came up with a loud and influential trumpet using the conventional music instruments filled with a positive vibe. It played at regular intervals in the stadium which was followed by a huge crowd roar.
    Safe to say, the 2nd best trumpet for world cricket.
    PSL stands out as the only league to be themed as bowlers dominating league keeping alive the rich history and tradition of fast bowling associated with Pakistan cricket.

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