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  1. Having survived life threatening disease, somehow I am unable to decipher “Last Stage”.

    TB can attack any part of the body. Depending on the part which is affected it is denoted like this

    Bone: Bone TB

    Pleural region ie region between lungs and chest wall :Plueral TB

    Lungs: Lung TB

    Skin : skin TB so on

    TB affect discs in the spinal chord also.

    STomach TB

    Common symptoms I know of are

    Weight loss

    Prolonged Low grade temperature


    If Pleural region is affected then chances of fulid accumalation in that region.

    If discs in the back region affected then back pain which is not relieved with regualr pain killers.

    Believe in yourself and treating doctors follow religiously f treatment regimen. The medications are not expensive. Primary health centres supply medicines free of cost also.

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