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  1. Originally Answered: What are the symptoms of throat cancer?
    It depends on from which part of the throat the cancer primarily arises. If it arises from pharynx or oesophagus , then difficulty in diglutition(dysphagia) may be the the presenting symptoms.

    On the other hand if cancer of larynx , then the symptoms may further vary depending on the position of tumour:

    Glottis cancer:(most common): hoarseness of voice is main presentation.

    Supraglottic cancer: dysphagia, pain in throat, hot potato voice, drooling.

    Subglottic cancer:(least common): stridor (noisy sound during breathing) is the presentation.

    Even presentation could be occult primary with secondary metastatis in neck. Chance of it is least for glottic cancer.

    But each symptom I mentioned have multiple differential diagnosis , the furthur investigations are always required to establish the diagnosis.

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