What are the things that you don’t want to hear as a Saudi?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 22, 2020 09:05 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 22, 2020 09:05 AM

I’m not a Saudi, though when I was married to my ex-husband who is Saudi and lived there as a Saudi wife, I felt I was Saudi. There were two things I became sick of hearing at that time and even now.

The first is that I was subjugated, brainwashed and treated as a second class citizen, none of which were true!!! Yes, I immersed myself in the culture, willingly. I wore the veil. I dressed and acted as other Saudi wives did. I was never treated as a second class citizen. I was not a prisoner. I had all the freedom I wanted. I was treated by my husband and everyone else with the utmost respect. I was spoiled in many ways. I loved my life and wouldn’t have changed it with any Western woman. Unfortunately, my marriage, after 24 years, did not work out. It had nothing to do with him being Saudi or living in Saudi Arabia.

The second thing I got so tired of hearing and still do is “how could you live in such a barbaric country?? Weren’t you afraid??” I gave the same answer then that I give now. That ‘barbaric’ country offered me the safest and most peaceful life I have ever had! It allowed me a place to raise my family without worrying about my children being snatched off the street or from our house. I could go out late at night and never worry about being assaulted or raped. The punishments for crimes in that country has made it one of the safest places to live. You can’t understand the peace this brings you until you experience it. Why would I have been afraid? The only people who have anything to fear there are criminals and I had no plans to commit crimes.

So these are the two things that I heard and continue to hear until today from ignorant people who have never been there or just don’t understand what Saudi life is like. I loved my life in Saudi Arabia and I loved living as a Saudi!?

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