What are the things which are not taught in school?

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  1. Originally Answered: What are 5 things school doesn’t teach?

    Education is an overall developmental process of the child. Educational institutes like school, colleges, universities etc. play a major role in developing the learner.
    However, there are some loopholes in our educational system…that school doesn’t teach and which are valuable in life:

    1. School curriculum doesn’t cover the relationship building or we can say they don’t teach students how to communicate with others as it is present in every area and aspect of life…
    2. School doesn’t teach about the financial management. It is the very basic and fundamental area of each and every one of us. This is one of the major areas that the kids need some expert guidance.
    3. What about the emotional awareness? What about the inner worlds of the child? These are the essential areas that need proper guidance.
    4. Developing the passion. Well a school doesn’t teach you about how to follow or enhance your passion. A child may be passionate about something else apart from just studying but deprived of guidance.
    5. You cannot learn unless you are failed. This the art of failure is missing in school curriculum. Some of the most important lessons in life come from the biggest failures.

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