What are the things which Pakistan is significantly better at doing than India?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 05:28 AM

Minorities are not only respected but treated better: Shockingly, in Pakistan minorities are dealt with better. No, Hindus aren’t called psychological militants and Sikhs who live in Pakistan don’t have resentment against the Islamic religion. It’s mind-boggling what number of legends we have about Pakistan and it’s also disheartening that we really trust irregular crap that is being said about Pakistan.
Fourth most intelligent individuals on the planet :
People ridicule the Pakistani cricketers while they are being approached about the match rundown for they don’t have such a solid order over the English language, however, did you realize that they are the fourth sharpest individuals on the planet? Furthermore, that is not all – as per a survey composed by the Institute of European Business Administration, from 125 nations, Pakistanis have been positioned the fourth most wise individuals over the globe. Pakistan has the seventh biggest gathering of researchers and architects.

Education development rate :
For what reason would they say they are the fourth most astute people on the planet? This is on the grounds that over the most recent five years, Pakistan’s proficiency rate has developed by 250%, the biggest increment in any nation to date. We as a whole realize that the essential main driver of all monetary and social issues is low instruction in the country. The minute the education rate develops, I’m certain monetary issues as well as even the wrongdoing rate will descend definitely.

Top national song of devotion tune of the world
Because of the diversion that Indians venerate, we know about the Pakistani national song of devotion, which is shockingly very like our own, on the off chance that you listen cautiously. Moving, the persuasive and lovely verse makes Pakistan’s national hymn the main positioned tune on the planet. Presently what India needs to realize is that Pakistan additionally holds the record of a great many people singing the song of praise, at the same time. Furthermore, I watched several recordings wherein individuals could scarcely get past the main line. Despicable, would it say it isn’t?

Stunning music
Acknowledge it or not but rather the excellent Sufi music that we Indians influence and murmur to are initially from Islamic nation Pakistan. What’s more, that is not all, even the ever-acclaimed melodic show Coke Studio on MTV has been received by us from Pakistan. You should tune in to the first Coke Studio from Pakistan, it’s simply too delightful to even think about evening depict. The best thing about the show is that it isn’t as popularized as India and they really include maturing craftsmen rather than famous and prestigious artists

Pakistani TV Dramas
Presently this is something that Indian TV demonstrates must get motivated from. Not at all like our shows they don’t continue forever perpetually and have a begin with an unequivocal end. Their performing artists’ countenances aren’t concealed with pompous make constantly and the storylines depend on genuine social issues and not saas-bahu battles and tricks. Additionally, the title tracks of there are simply astonishing. One more thing, instead of the heroine’s makeup and jewelry, they try average faces with realistic attire.

The world’s biggest rescue vehicle arrange
With a loss of life simply ascending at a fast pace, we should figure out how Pakistan’s NGOs work and how the wellbeing part functions. Edhi Foundation is Pakistan’s biggest non-benefit social welfare program. It runs the world’s biggest emergency vehicle organize in Pakistan. Well, that is something that we Indians should truly turn upward to and get motivated for it will help us supporting and sparing lives better.

Ladies wellbeing
Clearly, Pakistan is great as far as ladies wellbeing is concerned. Truth be told they have a lot of exercises that advance and feature ladies freedom and men go about as a defense to their ladies. It’s only a legend that every single Islamic nation are merciless towards ladies, for Pakistan is unquestionably not one of them. So before you remark on the situation of ladies in Pakistan, do get your realities right. Go through EVA’s recent journey of Pakistan.

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