What are the top 20 things to know about China?


What are the top 20 things to know about China?

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  1. WeChat is everything, basically functions as FB and Instagram and Apple Pay/Credit Card/Cash/Money.
    Use DiDi Chuxing, don’t even try to call a cab
    You can get amazing and cheap stuff from Taobao
    Labor is still relatively cheap, so you can get really good and cheap haircuts
    Air pollution is bad but life still goes on
    There’s lots of good food
    Some people can be rude but there are just as many nice people
    Cities like Shanghai never sleep
    It’s safer than most countries in Europe and America
    High speed trains are almost always on time down to the second
    The sun comes up pretty early (in Shanghai and in the east)
    Most people live in high rises
    Real estate prices are really high these days
    There are a lot of electric scooters
    Every city has a ton of museums worth going to since China had such a long and rich history
    In some parts of Shanghai it doesn’t even feel like you’re in China because there are so many foreign stores and expats
    You need to be really good at driving to drive in China
    Kids rarely come out to play because they study hard
    Even if you understand Mandarin, it can be hard to understand people if you’re not native since there are so many dialects. The Mandarin you learn in classes will be best for going to Beijing and places up north. Shanghainese and Cantonese are a totally different family of languages in the Sinitic branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family (Thank you Kevin Zhang for clarifying)
    It’s hard to come up with 20 things because each place in China is so different

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