What are the top reasons people use social media?


What are the top reasons people use social media?

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  1. Social media has shrunk the online experience down by expanding it’s access to the vast media pool that the internet offers. Many reasons to say why people use social media. Everyone has their own reasons to be on social media and each social media network has its own importance. In general, I can say a few reasons to be on social media.

    To network with people, meet new people
    Find and share entertaining content.
    To share opinions, reviews, and research on products.
    Because their friends are on social media networks. I need to explain this point. Yes, people who fall for this reason are living on the social network just for show off i.e., let their network of people know about whereabouts, what am I eating, what am I drinking ! which brand I am wearing !!! This really interested us at the beginning of social media era but now just that expression “HUSHHHH!!!”.
    Sharing is good but not everything right??

    The final point to this question here “ TO FILLUP THEIR PRODUCTIVE SPARE TIME “.

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