What are the unwritten rules of high school?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 24, 2020 05:42 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:42 AM

Rules? Pshhhhh these are straight up LAWS.

If someone asks for your homework answers, send it to them. Unless you despise human interaction and don’t want friends, better reply “I gotchu fam.”
If you see someone doing shit in the bathrooms, turn a blind eye. Just take your piss, wash your hands, don’t even second glance over there; just do what you need to do and get out of there.
If you see someone drop their money you better fucking hand it back to them. No finders-keepers shit; people here in high school need that money.
If you see your homie looking like they might be cheating on their girl, just talk to them about it lightly, don’t go telling on their girl.
If the bell has nearly rung, and the teacher hasn’t assigned homework yet, don’t remind them to assign homework.
If you hear some people talking about jumping someone or doing drugs or other shit, and you don’t think it will be too serious, just forget about it, and leave them alone.
If someone is cheating on a test, and you notice, just don’t say anything.
Basically don’t snitch.
Don’t take any joke too seriously. Everything is to be taken as a joke in high school. For real.
Have some fun.
Dang, y’all take this so seriously. Most of these are a joke.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:43 AM

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT be a snitch. The only exception is if you or someone is in mortal (meaning they are going to die) danger. Don’t snitch about copying homework, juuling in the bathroom, or anything that no one will suffer adversely from. Snitching benefits no one.
Give favors. Maybe you are lucky to be the DSK (designated smart kid). If so, people WILL ask to copy your homework. If they do, let them. Make sure they aren’t copying it word for word, but don’t refuse. A day will come when you will need a favor, so be helpful.
Rule number one, again.
Don’t brag. Even if you are the DSK, don’t be showy about good grades. People will resent you. If someone asks you what you got, tell them and accept the praise, but don’t butt into every single conversation about the SAT or ACT, knowing you will be asked your score. Essentially, be humble. Most of the time, people don’t care. Book smarts aren’t going to earn you any popularity points.
Don’t always “know” the answer. Another DSK rule, but don’t act too enthusiastic in class to tell the teacher the answer. You will lose the title of DSK and gain the title of “smart-ass”.
If you are good at making teachers go off on tangents, DO IT!
Listen to upperclassmen’s advice. If someone tells you a teacher sucks, LISTEN! If multiple people tell you not to take a class, DON’T TAKE IT!
Freshmen are despised by all upperclassmen (and some teachers, too). Many freshmen come into the school thinking they run the place and can act however they want. If you are a freshmen, know your place as a second-class citizen and keep your head down. If you don’t act up you will eventually be accepted by upperclassmen. Just keep your cool, and don’t act like middle schoolers.
Go with the flow. It is better to be the quiet kid then to be the outspoken one, most of the time. Don’t act arrogant.
Rule number one, again.
Lend people pencils and paper. ALWAYS have an extra.
Be yourself. As the high school musical song goes, stick to the stuff you know. Try new things, but don’t try to force yourself into a group of people who you have nothing in common with. Popularity doesn’t matter. You are who you are.
Extension of rule 12, don’t try to be someone you aren’t. If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be funny. If you introverted, don’t put yourself in the middle of the crowd.
Be careful of what you talk about. Avoid political conversations where snowflakes can overhear, don’t talk about guns (I learned this one the hard way), and be careful when gossiping. If you must “gossip,” and I try to stay out of it, only say something about someone if you are willing to say it to their face and accept retaliation.
Final one, joke with caution. Never joke about race (unless it is CLEARLY your own), school shootings, or violence of any kind. Gay jokes are usually accepted, but I’d stay away since LGBT status is becoming more acceptable.
Personal bits of advice:

If you want to go for high GPA, start planning from the beginning.

Rule number one, again

Establish rapport with teachers. If you are nice to teachers, and you do good work and do it on time, they are more likely to help you out. I have had many a due date pushed back thanks to these relationships.

Good luck out there. It can get wild.

BTW, this all comes from a kind of awkward kid who is the DSK in almost every class. Take my advice knowing that. I tried to include what I wish I knew on my first day of freshman year.

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