What are things that schools do, and should not be doing?

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  1. A British perspective
    Single annual academic year start.
    There has been evidence for decades that summer born children do not succeed to the same degree as other children, yet we still hanging to everyone joining the school year in Aug Sept. Without too much mure investment, we should be biannual in starting the school year. This would necessitate it carrying on through the entire academic cycle, this would also be beneficial for the employment figures as there would not be an glut of available workers, levelling out unemployment/employment figures.
    Constant testing.
    Simply put, no pig ever got fatter by being weighed.
    Accountability data
    As one involved, it seems I am accountable to everyone except the children I teach, I an tell you thirty ways that your child is failing, but am hamstrung by resource shortfalls to meaningfully intervene.
    Overburdened curriculum
    English, maths, science, geography, history, art, design and technology, physical education, religious education, British values, social Education, personal education, citizenship, modern foreign languages. Sex education. Sometimes the British curriculum seems to be made up of someone taking g note of that person who actually believes the words “should be taught at school”. Not enough time…

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