What are top ten mind blowing facts about Iran?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 04:52 AM

1. Did you know that eBay, Tinder, Oracle and Dropbox all have Iranian-American founders, and currently both the CEO of Uber and Executive Chairman of Twitter are born in Iran. [1]

2. Iran is the country with the largest population, and second largest area in West Asia[2]

3. Iran is the world’s largest producer of caviar, pistachios and saffron.

4. The first human rights declaration was made by Cyrus the Great[3] , the founder of the Persian Empire in 500 BCE, which was the first empire in the world to span over three continents, as well as being the first superpower in the world, as well as ruling over half of the living humanity[4].

5. Iran has the largest brain drain in the world per capita. For example in Sharif University, the Computer Engineering department is called “the airport”, because after one has studied there, they typically get a scholarship in the West.

6. This is why there are around 3 million diaspora Iranians around the world, primarily in USA, Germany and Turkey.

7. Iran is one of the biggest car manufacturer in Asia, and the biggest in West Asia. Khodro is the largest automaker in Iran[5]

8. Iran’s highest mountain is Mount Damavand and it is 5,610 metres high, thereby making it the highest volcano in Asia

9. Iran has never attacked another nation in the last 200 years. Each time Iran has went to war in the past, Iran has always been attacked first and always defended itself, but never been the aggressor.

10. The first known wind mills was built in Iran in 500 BCE by the ancient Persian[6]. Below is a picture of some windmills in the Iranian village Nashtifan. These windmills was built in the late 9th century, and thus they have been milling grain now, for over 1100 years!

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