What are your top 7 rules of life?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 24, 2020 05:40 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:40 AM

I desperately looked for a job after 2 years of unemployment life. But in the interview board My interviewer told me, “Sorry, we need a more skilled and experienced person ’’. I proposed a girl and she told me “I will marry him who is very handsome, interesting and highly successful in his career. You are a good man but you are not that type”. I struggled with depression throughout my life. I failed, got rejected and insulted several times. I have accepted my failures, pause button to my life, refresh my memory and decided to change myself. I have been following 7 rules for one year to change my life better-

My life, my rules : I am not influenced by society to choose my career. Society prefers high paid and secured job. Moreover, most of the people in the society are chasing money. I have heard all the career advices of my parents, relatives and friends. Then, I follow the advice of my inner self. I have some passion and I am working on it. I always prefer to my interest and dedication to choose my career. I do what I love. There will be no regret in near future because I am responsible for my actions. I have started to work what I love most.
Meditation is my power : Mental strength is very important. We always focus on physical strength. But mental strength makes our life focused, planned and goal-oriented. I meditate every day to make life easy and free from distraction. It gives me mental pleasure. I am fighting with each and every problem of life despite hundreds of failures. Meditation gives me courage and determination to work against the current.
No more virtual life, only real life exists : Now I emphasize more on real life rather than virtual life. I have limited my online activities. I used to spend too much time behind the computer screen and smartphone. So, I have changed that habit. I spend less time on internet. Moreover, I have started to travel, experiment new things, socialize and talk with strangers every day.
Imagine to view life before the moment of death: All the materialistic thinking, fear, desire, frustration, failure will look meaningless before the death. We must die one day. So, wait for what? Take the right decision for your life, never wait for others approval. One right decision can change your life. Whenever I am in a trouble, I try to think that way. Then everything seems clear to me. I make the right choice.
Withdraw myself from rat race : I have withdrawn myself from the rat race of life. It does not mean that I have lost against the difficulties of life. I don’t like to compete with other people. My all competition only with myself. Everyday, I try to top my previous day’s performance. I am chasing my passion. I am determined to reach my goal.
Being anonymous on help: I love to help anonymously. It gives me pleasure. Most importantly, I always try to avoid showing off. I love to donate money to poor children families anonymously despite having financial limitations. Donating and helping people is the best part of my life. I feel extremely happy to see the smiling faces of those poor children.
Write 10 gratitude list for every day : I am grateful to God whatever I get from life. I write 10 gratitude list in my journal every day. I am alive, having sound health, food to eat in fridge, have rented a flat to live, have MBA degree and job, lead an independent life, get blessings from unknown people, found my life goal, privileged to access internet 24 hours, hundreds of books to read.

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