What business could be started under 1000 US Dollars in Pakistan?


please help me guys harry up.

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    Assuming that u have no internet related skills so u cannot freelance . would suggest that with this small investment u should buy a second hand pentium labtop ( around 10k in good condition )…and fill its hard disk with movies … now pick a small place near a technology shop(cd, gaming, mobile etc) in a market and with rest of 10 k buy accessories of mobiles like charger etc for 5 k and start recharging mobile balance with 3k ( pick any of 5 telecommunication operating companies at least 10 k is required for each but we have to start ) now we have 2 k left … relatively a greater number of people will tend towards u for movies cause u will give them for half the price of cd or dvd ( dvd for 60-80 and u will give Hd movie for 30 Rs but in USB) … mean while start growing your stock of accessories for the money u get and also mobile balance investment … if u  don not have a family to be taken care of nearly in 4 months u will have all mobile recharging ( 8k each atleast ) and a good amount accessories  … u will also have an insight knowledge of market and will know better than any body else that what people wants … and if we assume that your investment is not giving u enough u can then resell the labtop … and assecories on mobile shop …
    It is stated by many of Hafeez centre’s trademen “ Hamari dukaan k bahir khare rehne waale hum se zaida kama ker jaate hn .”
    I think that u are aware with a thing known as screen protector … check the market rates for it and company rates for it . U will understand what i am saying .
    ” Every King Was Once A Small Weeping Child And Every Palace Was Once A Peice OLand.” so donnot be ashamed of starting small.

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