What can stop the war between Pakistan and India?


What can stop the war between Pakistan and India?

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  1. Originally Answered: How INDIA and PAKISTAN Prevent wars between them?
    Education of people in power nothing else

    Both are living in stone ages and some even earlier ages.

    90% India live in History. They remember past and dream future. Things are getting worse and worse. India has a most irresponsible media in the world.

    Let suppose in 2005 American think tank issued a report that by 2015 Pakistan will be a failed state and consequently, remain no more.Pakistan will disintegrate in to four countries bla bla .

    Indian media since then was cramming over and over again that Pakistan is about to collapse. We have Indian channels in Pakistan and we know hoe they think about us. Pakistani channels are banned in India and the common people are consume only Indian content they do not know what Pakistani media say about them.

    It is 2017, US think tank and India day dreaming let them with nothing more than embarrassment.

    Indian are loosing more and more money on their defense and out look of defense is poorer and poorer by failure in testing new defense platforms like

    Fighter jet is a failure
    Arjune tank is a failure
    Rustum is a failure
    Nirbhaey is a failure
    India has a long list of failures on failure. But their media one day, talk against their own state for the failure and next day against Pakistan that we can finish Pakistan in what ever 8–10 minutes.

    Failure in the past is no argument it is 2017. It would have been if Pakistan was sleeping and was doing nothing against Indian threat.

    One would argue that how can One say failure of these programs. India is working on these programs from 35–10 years latest program is cruise missile. But they have not produced more than a prototype. if these are successful programs then why not they go for serial production.

    Pakistan set up serial production and more than 82 fighter jets in service and also set up one more export line for export orders to Nigeria, and Myanmar
    Pakistan has produced al khalid tanks 450 in this period.
    Pakistan has inducted two squardens of its unmanned Arial vehicles
    Pakistan has 16 years experience of cruise missile research and a strong tested plate form have built short to medium ranges of its from air, land and latest sea base platform, which India is ignoring it but Pakistan don’t care about India anymore.
    India is just a symbolic threat to show the world, and Pakistan is using or miss using it to diplomatically engage the world and nothing more.

    Without Indian nuclear tests Pakistan would have never been nuclear power, a missile power, a conventional military industrial complex would have never been possible with out India.

    Pakistan will turn down any move for peace less than freedom of Kashmir as a separate state or with Pakistan whatever. Until and unless, I don’t see any peace in the near future. India is living with some flattering nations around, and has developed a vague nation that they can be master of south asia.

    Pakistan is ever stronger militarily , technologically , variety, training, experience of latest wars, training more than 40 Muslims and friend countries. Exporting arm to more than 42 countries. Today Pakistan is much stronger diplomatically than ever before.

    No possibility of war, as long as India remained in defense competition with Pakistan. The day India backed off would be the first day of war.

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