What can the European countries learn from Pakistan to keep the corona virus at bay?

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  1. When you have faith in God(Allah). you will be safe from Corona.

    we don’t know what will happen in future. so why should we be worried about it. Viruses are so small even they can pass through the filter paper. So these masks cannot prevent from COVID-19. The thing to do is to make your immune system strong. Eat vegetables daily and use milk with dates. drink more and more water because it your throat become dry it will cause infection. Drinking water prevent the virus to go to the lungs. Water pushes the virus to stomach and intestine where it is digested or excreted out.

    So don’t get worried just make your army of body strong to fight against it. As Pakistani people live in very unique environment and they offer prayer so there throat never become dry.

    All the patients in Pakistan are those who have come from Iran. Alhamdulillah none of Pakistani is effected.

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