What can you tell me about visiting George Town, Malaysia?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 12, 2020 05:37 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 12, 2020 05:37 AM

We always drive in Malaysia. So to visit Penang Island or Georgetown , drive.

Used to, I like to take the ferry.

So I would drive out to Cecil Road, that is my favorite haunt, of course. I will stay at cheaper hotels that dots the place. Save the money for eats. One day, I promise myself I will try to stay at Sinkeh.


Met the boss before when he was round about Kuala Lumpur, time flies.

Anyway, I like Penang food a lot.

In the evening I eschew the better known places like Gurney Drive, too crowded, and will leave the car park under the shady trees along the road near the places I stay. Check the ground for Crow poop, because they are very bad for your paint and windows, Swallow poop is as bad also.

So I always eat in the evening and morning about these places. In the evening, the food stalls will roll out of unexpected places, and the road will turn into rows upon rows of food stalls, mouth watering, waist expanding food.

In the morning, I like to go to Lebuh Cecil food court, My wife like Little India, so it is a tussle.

Of course, I like to do some work, so I visit my client either at the USM or his studio in Balik Pulau.

If not, with Cecil Street as the focal point, there are a lot of things to do, so check out with the Tourist Center, or your friendly Hotel front desk.

I am a bit jaded. But it was amusing to find my complaining American boss/guest leap away from the table at the Snake Temple. He was looking at a couple of bored pit vipers clinging to the “branches” by the joss-stick bowl, when I told him to look under the table he was leaning on.

Another of my Principal liked the Penang Botanical Garden, where we saw a bunch of monkeys sitting on a fence. Everyone was sitting one way, except an old codger. My Principal says he is the Managing Director. He should know, as he is the Managing Director who wanted to see what I was about.

The Quay side was interesting, but not our taste.

Komtar sticks like a sore thumb in the air.

Outside Georgetown, life is as busy.

For me. Penang Island is about work and more about food in the evening.

Things will get interesting for me, though. I have a new customer plunk right in the center of Georgetown, somewhere nearby Komtar.

Maybe she can show me around.

Now, how to lose the wifey. She always like to go with me when I visit Penang.

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