What could be the actual figures of coronavirus patients (other than the official)?

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  1. China is always careful about what information should go out, what should not. It is not a free country, no foreign media can operate there independently. The world only suspects, it has no means to verify the government’s statements. We get to see the pics the government allows, no foreigner visiting/working there is allowed to roam as he pleases.

    There is a lot we don’t know but only suspect. Per some reports, the richness of China is only a facade, limited to a select few while the rural China lives in terrible conditions. Have you ever seen a pic of a typical Chinese village, for example? I read somewhere, most China villages are full of orphan children because their parents get drafted into urban factories where they do sort of bonded labor.

    There is one Chinese multinational giant named Tencent which maintains an online tracker on NCOV deaths. A couple of days ago it published the numbers for China – 1.5 lakh infected and 25,000 odd deaths. Within a few hours after publishing, Tencent removed those numbers and put back government claimed numbers.
    Secondly, about the origin – it started at the Wuhan seafood market where illegal wildlife meats get sold along with seafood. The explanation given is consistent with Chinese’s fondness for exotic food, there is no reason to doubt this explanation.
    This epidemic is badly affecting China’s economy – factories shutdown, cities locked down, offices closed, streets empty of people. Most countries forbade travel to China, it is practically isolated. People are worried about even buying Chinese goods online.
    It is in China’s best interest to bring the epidemic under control and clear it.
    Meanwhile, while the world is doubting China, it can not afford to be very frank about the true conditions.

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