What damages has Nawaz Sharif done to Pakistan?

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  1. They did corruption of several billions, they also supported corrupt like Zardari.
    Pakistan profitable organization are in loss of billions like Railway (27B), PIA (200B), Steel Mills (closed), so on.
    They hire their Gullu Butts in police to use them against opponents like they killed 17 innocent people in Model Town and injured 80+.
    They misquoted Pakistan as terrorist state and supported Indian lobby.
    They don’t give tax and in results they don’t collect tax.
    They win by rigged Election with their people sitting in Election Commission, NAB, FIA and judiciary.
    They don’t have vision, don’t think of next generation.
    They give laptops, yellow cab to a graduate instead of creating jobs.
    They destroyed Pakistan economy by doubling, tripling loans.
    Now their Corrupt empire is going to finish in Election 2018. PPP, JUIF, PPP and MQM will be restricted to just local Bodies Election.

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