What do Arabs think about Indian People

Mudassir Ali
Dec 25, 2019 02:38 PM 0 Answers
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What do Arabs think about Indian People

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 25, 2019 02:38 PM

As an Arab myself. it depends on the place Arabs lives in. The Arabic world is huge and culture differs from one to another. For the Gulf states, a lot of Gulf people for some unfortunate reason look down on Indians as beneath them. This a response to the fact that Indians often come to Gulf to work menial jobs as maids, construction workers & hotel staff, which has caused the main view of Indians to be that they’re uneducated.

That does not mean that all of the gulf people are like that. you will find a lot of gulf Arabs who love Indians and treat them like their own, respect their culture and marry them too. Racist people exist in every culture and place and Arabs are no exception.

For the Levantine people, they rarely treat with Indians but they usually watch Bollywood Movies and create their views on Indians based on what they see.

For North Africa countries like my country, Egypt is the same usually like Levantine and mostly in a positive way. every engineering student in Egypt is in debt for an Indian dude for teaching him just like me. I have learned to program from Indian people on youtube and I think they are the most creative and honest in teaching people.

I know that there are amazingly good and lovely Indians and there are bad and ignorant Indians just like every other nation on this planet. I know a lot of Gulf people mistreat Indians and Philipino people and I feel shame for that as Arabs as this is not Islam teaching nor the morals of most Arabs. mostly we love Indians culture as it’s close to ours and Indians people mostly look like us. which make us feel that we are related to them in so many ways. And We love your culture so much.

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