What do Bosnians think of Pakistanis?


What do Bosnians think of Pakistanis?

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  1. Pakistanis are our brothers. We will never forget your help during 90’s war. Whole muslim world supported us, but there was embargo on weapons. But Pakistanis managed to send us “Green arrows” that helped us to not win the war, but to stop killing of the innocent, because in any war there is no winner, only loosers. Many people specially those that are traditionalists and religious feel real connetion with this brotherly country. Today we are worinkg on developing our defence industry with your help, and our defences company have lots of bussines with companies in Pakistan. But i need to remind you that not all Bosnians are religious. Many don’t care about traditions, and feel somehow ashamed of our history. They don’t like when you remind them how hypocritical west was during conflict in Bosnia, and they don’t want to admit that most of the help we recived from the ME or Asian countries. They don’t want to have any connection with ME countries including Pakistan. They think that west is only and true friend of Bosnia, and that we should feel more connection with that same west. It’s really complicated. Firstly that war was complicated. You had many catholichs and orthodox people who fought for united Bosnia with muslims, cuz they felt and accepted themselves firstly as humans, then as Bosnians, and they felt obligated to defend this multhicultural country. But i’m so sad that west never appreciated that, and till this day think that here was only religious war between muslims and christians. My cousin studied in Pakistan and he even today meet with his coleagues and they usually come here in Bosnia, they visit Sarajevo and have great time.

    For conclusion. Even though our future is Europe because we are the westernmost muslim autochthonous nation and many of our traditions have roots in the western nations, we will forever have deep bond and relationship with all muslim world.

    Edit. As Dino mentioned, we think that you really should turn to modernisation more and try to westernize your society. I know that it’s hard because traditions are usually more important to people than anything else, but you should try to develope your industry, IT sector, to connect your diaspora with native Pakistanis, free yourselves of some traditions that usually are obstacle to your development and free yourselves of corruptive government. Last month i read about your government, and I can say we here are having the same problems. We have political party that get votes just because they have religious roots even though they have disastrous history in polithic, or other that have realy shade background(we doubt their love and commitement ). We need fresh young blood in politics same as you. Hope we will succeed in our development.

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