What do Brits think of United States?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: What do Brits think of America?
Its big. Very big. Everything is big. Cars are big. Roads are big. Pizzas are big. Houses are big. There is a park larger than Wales. In the UK when people talk about parks they mean a field with some swings.
Americans are differently polite. Some are just plain loud and rude. Many are very courteous but still tend to stand in way. The country is so large the concept that sometimes people might need to get past you hasn’t developed.
American politics is much more volubly disfunctional. In British politics people kind of go along with what the political elite is doing and pretend its a good idea even if it obviously isn’t working (Brexit, state owned car companies, the first world war). In the US the political elite pretends to be opposed to elitism, people act like having the country run by unqualified demogogues is a good idea, and yet ordinary people get screwed much more often.
Some British people are kind of snidely arrogant about American culture. The same British people have the same attitude towards much British culture. And its an unstable position for the British to adopt anyway, since the French feel much the same way about them. But then the French like Benny Hill, so what do they know?
British people import and enjoy a lot of American culture, and export a lot to the US, which leads to a lot of superficial cultural similarities and apparent understanding which hides some deep cultural differences and leads to misunderstandings.

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