What do Lunchclub ambassadors do?

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    Lunchclub is launching in many major cities around the world in 2019 – Londonjust launched this week!

    Lunchclub ambassadors are an exclusive global group of influencers and super connectors that already have extensive networks that they want to add even more value to. They care about people, and purposefully bring people or groups together with the intention to create mutual value. Ambassadors have already bought into the view that tremendous value can be created with just one single connection with the right context, purpose, and reasoning. (Note: this is an informal role within our community of users, not a position at our company.)

    Becoming a Lunchclub ambassador could be a great opportunity for folks who have large networks already as part of their city or community (e.g. university, interest group, alumni group, etc.) and already do the work of connecting people within their network. We can turbocharge the work you do as a super-connector as well as connecting members of those communities to other relevant Lunchclub users in adjacent communities. Ambassadors help drive the process of launching in cities, and shorten the time till launch by having their friends and colleagues sign up. Lunchclub ambassadors get additional benefits as well such as defining the roadmap of which cities we launch, neighborhoods we support, special events that we would organize and would join a private group with other global ambassadors and our team.

    In particular, if you would like to bring Lunchclub to your city, please email us at ambassador@lunchclub.ai to apply! Special thanks to Tracy Chou for pioneering this concept and helping us launch in London.

    Answered on January 22, 2019.
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