What do Pakistani read about their history?


What do Pakistani read about their history?

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  1. The creation of Pakistan was based on anti-India or specifically anti Hindu sentiments. It was created with the thought of creating an ideal Islamic state. So they denounced everything which could connect them to Hindu or Indian heritage.

    They start their history with invasion of Muslim invaders. So Mohammad bin Qasim and Mohammad Gauri are their heroes.
    Their independence struggle heros are those who migrated to Pakistan. Those who stayed in India are mentioned in small parts.
    Their best poet is not Tagore but Iqbaal. Other muslim poets are hailed.
    Their golden period is Islamic ruler of India. Aurangzeb, Gauri, Gaznavi who destroyed hindu temples are subject of folk lore.
    In short their history is written with Islamic pen.

  2. Text No. 9, Class: 6, Subject: Social Studies, Pages: 95 – “Conquest of Debul: The enemy was defeated and the fort was conquered.” (Scripted & Translated by: Prof. M.Aslam, Prof. Muhammed , F.Malik and Ahmed).
    Text No. 4, Class: 5, Subject: Social Studies, Pages: 123 “When India was defeated in the war of 1965, she excited East Pakistan against the West Pakistan. Ultimately, India attacked East Pakistan in December 1971 and helped the East Pakistanis to sever their relations with West Pakistan. Thus East Pakistan was separated from West Pakistan.
    The East Pakistanis renamed their country Bangladesh. India immediately recognized Bangladesh as an independent sovereign state.” (Authors: Dr Yasmeen, Mrs Asharf)
    Text No. 5, Class: 5 , Subject: Social Studies, Pages: 123, 22 “India is not our friend and we should always keep ourselves ready to defend our beloved country from Indian aggression.”

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