What do Pakistani youths think about Indians?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 05:27 AM

Originally Answered: What do Pakistani youths think about India?
Indian Products are awesome. Having wide range, they are being used all over the World. Even in my home.

Indian movies have more creative ideas than Pakistani cinema. Actually, Most of our film industry is copying India.

But most of Indians still watch those s****y movies.

India has some of the most talented actors of the world.

I don’t know why Indian audience always ignore Nawazuddin Suddiqui, Irfan Khan, Randeep Hooda and many more.

They have Huma Qureshi….. sigh!


Education system of India is far better than Pakistan. Literacy rate is increasing day by day. Moreover, Indian Universities have better rankings than that of Pakistan.

Literacy Rate of India in 2011. It must have crossed 80% so far. Impressive!

An average middle class family of India is more educated than that of Pakistan.
In Science and Technology, India is far better than Pakistan. They have reached moon.
Despite being the fact that Indian agriculturists are protesting against their government, Indian agricultural output is ranked 2nd in world.
In 2013 India was ranked 1st in Horticultural Productivity. Moreover, India is one of the countries which has World’s best tea yield. India is also the biggest producer of buffalo milk.

In sports, India has better facilities than Pakistan. And also produces more athletes than Pakistan.
We don’t want any war with India.
Indian Youtubers are the best.
Indian TV channels have dominated our screens. There are 360 channels currently running on our TV in which about 200 channels are Indian. And Their TV serials too.
People of both nations break their TV screens when we lose cricket match against each other.
Indians have Golden Hearts.

Two Indian teachers teaching homeless children in Delhi.

This alien was also discovered from India.

Diversity in India is matchless. Whether it is cultural, religious, linguistic, racial or geographical.

Every Indian doesn’t hate Pakistan. Similarly every Pakistani doesn’t hate India.

Long live Pakistan.

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