What do Pakistanis think of Zaid Hamid?


What do Pakistanis think of Zaid Hamid?

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  1. Originally Answered: What is the opinion of Pakistani people, especially Pakistani youth, on Zaid Hamid?

    Most of our youth is busy in either having fun or trying to build their future. If some of them really try to get out and do something for other people, they opt for various options in the form of students’ forums, organizations or NGOs to get a platform. Only a fraction of them are inspired by ZH’s rhetoric.

    Watch our TV shows… despise him. No respect for him in media and among first, second and even third grade thinkers or influential personalities. He actually had to buy time on a channel for his program and was and has been invited on talk shows to add some spice and incite controversy.

    Al-Hamra Stadium where ‘Takmeel-e-Pakistan’ took place. ZH invited Pakistani youth to this convention. Can you count how many people attended?

    Yes, he has some following but his followers leave him once they start thinking and are able to see through his nationalistic mantra.

    A little googling will help you identify his actual image among majority of Pakistanis.

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