What do people think about Pakistan?


What do people think about Pakistan?

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  1. We think that u r in a country where u hv your own psuedo history created by your politicians like N korea did. Your youths r brainwashed at young age by moulanas and polititians in negative direction so that u cud not see the real world .so that u alwys remain busy in nonsense and u dont question your gov on developement and human rights. U hv most currupted and uncontrolled military system . Third class infrastructure. No foriegn friends realy (even not china as they even dont allow u to carry quran and namaz or roza there).u r under threat of being occupied by your own created trrorist organisations. Your resourses and funds r distributed to limited states like punjab only …u r divided into several categories and only way to unite u all is to talk about india…u r made fool by your leaders so that u ignore the reallity….and your Majority of people hv below average IQ for basic knowledge topics. god bless u with some sense.

  2. ISLAMABAD- Best capital in the world. 2nd most beautiful capital in the world.Islamabad, one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, famous for its beauty, decor, fascination, attractiveness and the one regarded fully. Islamabad being the glorious one could be competed over the entire cities of the world. It is highly developed and the developments can been seen in every angle of the city, moreover it is also included in the list of largest cities in the world.. The most beautiful capital of the world is the one on which entire Pakistan feel proud and very well pleased. People thought to visit Islamabad for Islamabad being too striking, fine-looking and stunning.
    It is also famous for being clean, cool, calm, peaceful, sparkling, hygienic, fresh and dirt free. It is the most broad-based and urbanized city of the Pakistan. It is very up-to-dated one, modern and very well maintained lie at the northern part of the country capturing the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan. Islamabad is efficient, well-ordered, well planned and well-maintained city being divided into different zones and sectors each with a distinction of its own beauty. Islamabad is quite very source of amusement and a great place to spend holidays and to visit too due to its adorable beauty not only of buildings but of the green lands and parks and many more. For keeping in view all these dignified facts and figures Islamabad is enlisted in the top ten beautiful capital cities.

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