What do Saudis think of Pakistanis?


What do Saudis think of Pakistanis?

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  1. KThe reality is that the Saudi’s respect power and money. I have worked in both in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for a number of years.

    My family is from both Pakistan and India. However I was born in the United States and as such carry a US passport. And that right there is what the Saudi’s respect… The passport.

    The passport you carry determines how you will be treated.

    As such, Pakistan is viewed as a source of labor. That’s it , nothing more. And unfortunately, arabs don’t have a lot of respect for that.

  2. Saudis think of Pakistanis inhabitants of Daula-e-Miskeen (meaning Poor country). Like any other nation in today’s world (except a couple ones), they treat the people from third world and developing countries, a burden on their country and their land. Although the political ties between the two countries are getting stronger with the current government’s policies. The place Pakistan once had (of being the leader of Islamic World) is now lost. However, the recent developments of PakSaudi alliance will bring a blow of fresh oxygen to the relationship and would mend the reputation of Pakistanis

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