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  1. Originally Answered: How do Turks feel about Arabs?
    It depends on who you ask really. Most Turks have a grudge against Arabs for rebelling against the Ottomans in WW1. But others know that the Arab people weren’t responsible but the Arab tribal chiefs and armies, so they don’t hate Arabs individually.

    Before Turkey most of the region was the Ottomans, so shared culture is bound to happen along with Islam.

    Turks and Arabs both are really nationalistic people and both think they’re better than one another.

    Religious Turks are warm with religious Arabs. Secular Turks despise Arabs and consider them as lazy and backward, stuck in Islam. Arabs, the ones who aren’t Anti-Islam at least, consider them as fake Europeans.

    It’s a real complex and confusing contradiction. There’s a general neutral or negative view but yet Turkey welcomes millions of Syrians.

    There’s also a language barrier; most Turks don’t speak Arabic. Most Arabs don’t know Turkish.

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