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  1. In Australia most margarine is labelled suitable for vegans. However, I don’t use that either. I discovered Subway doesn’t use butter or margarine in their delicious sandwiches, so why should I? I don’t have any on my sandwiches.

    On the other hand, there are other alternatives, like pure, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil which is a very healthy option.

    I also use Hummus on my sandwiches if they are with salads or mayonnaise or aioli. If I’m going to have honey or some other sweet spread, I might use either tahini or pure peanut butter. But sometimes I have straight honey & sprinkle ground cinnamon over it. It’s mouth-watering delicious. My grandmother introduced it to me.

    And no, honey is not an animal product as such, it is a product bees make from pollen.

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