What do you know about Pakistanis?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 18, 2020 04:51 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 18, 2020 04:52 PM

Most HOSPITABLE people I have ever known.
They won’t always say what they think/want.
Weddings are a huuuge business over there.
Everything turns around religion, Islam in this particular case. But I was very touched when, while in a Mosque, somebody asked me where I was from, and as I answer, they guessed (correctly) that I was a Christian. The young guy said “but it really does not matter what you are… what is important, is that you are a human”. Then I truly understood that the white part of their flag really DO stand for the minorities. I also met many Christians on the streets (vendors, etc). How? Well, I looked like a tourist, and people are very open and they approach to know where I was from (South America) which is a very Christian part of the World. At least 4 people said with excitment in their voice, “So you are a Christian!? ME TOO!”
People are very open and are not afraid to approach you on the streets.
People are very happy that tourism is slowly returning to Pakistan, and they will demonstrate it by being super hospitable. People on the streets you have never met will invite you for tea, soda, or whatever is near.
They really do not like India (not Indians as people, but India as country), but they do love Indian movies… at least that was my impression… kind of a guilty pleasure.
Many Pakistanis truly believe India is the one sponsoring terrorism.
They are very proud of their army.
They are really fighting terrorism hard, and one could even say they are winning.
Good hearted people in general.
A lot of poverty and a big gap between rich and poor. This is not only true for Pakistan though.
Women are respected, but we Westeners cannot really understand the way they do it: when a man refuses to talk to a woman and instead talks to the man next to her, it is not because he thinks less of the woman, but because he is respecting her by not talking to her… I know, it is hard to for us to understand, but that’s the way they see it.
Lots of tabboos, especially around sex and human sexuality. This is not only true for Pakistan though.
You really should get married before you turn 30, otherwise it can get tough.
Traffic is crazy.
Islamabad (the capital) is really well planned.
They eat A LOT.
Men stare sometimes… but I really want to believe it was out of curiosity.
I can go on, but you get the idea… I cannot wait to come back! 🙂



I am not a hyper-active Quoran, and this is the first time I have so many upvotes, so I want to say thank you!
I want to clarify some things that I picked up from the comments:

I am not from Brasil (but I get that a lot, so it is ok) 🙂
I am NOT getting paid to write this answer like somebody in the comment suggested. This one made me feel really sad, because I see that some people cannot really stand the idea of something nice being said about their neighbor.
Not all my remarks are positive. Some are neutral, and some are even negative! I just speak as an outsider, and this is what I saw and how I felt in my 1-week trip to Lahore and Islamabad.
It is normal that some people are biased (Indians, I am looking at you!). Where I come from, we have similar problems with our neighbor, so I really get you. Pakistan is NOT perfect, I never said it was, but it is a land of beautiful, open-hearted people, and I am sure India is as well, I just haven’t visited yet, but when I do, expect my review 🙂
I have never ever ever ever ever said that Indians are terrorist, nor that they are sponsoring terrorism. So please read that point again, I beg of you. I would never say such a thing! There is only one country that I think sponsors terrorism, and I won’t mention it because I respect everybody regardless of what their government do… but it is neither India nor Pakistan.
Pakistanis: feel proud of your country, not because you read this answer in Quora, but because you really have so much potential to develop even further and be a thriving nation! And once again, thanks for the beautiful comments! Peace back, and God bless!

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