What do you like or dislike about Nawaz Sharif?

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  1. dislike him because :

    He came into politics with assistance of military dictator.
    He became Prime Minister of Pakistan for 3rd time yet he had done nothing for the nation to be proud of.
    His business flourishes by leaps and bound whenever he comes into power.
    He prefers his business over national security.
    He is the most corrupt Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan.
    He buys media, judiciary , politicians and political workers to use them against opposition parties.
    He is only sincere to his family and only his family mean his wife,sons and daughter.
    He is the promoter of family politics in Pakistan.
    He is money launderer.
    He rigged the election every time.
    He didn’t appointed anyone as foreign minister just because he is afraid that foreign minister can be a threat to his government and acting himself as foreign minister,due this act Pakistan was never presented greatly in front of international community.
    Whenever he comes to power he has worst relationships with military which demolishes national interests.
    He is hypocrite.
    He and his brother have ruled 5 times in Punjab yet they haven`t built a single hospital where he and his family can get their treatment.
    He is……… put every bad thing which a ruler can have to destroy his own country Nawaz Shareef is capable of that property.
    like him because :

    I am dumb.
    I want to get political benefit.
    I have been paid to like him.
    I want ticket in upcoming election in Pakistan.
    I want his/his party assistance to save someone from courts/police.
    I can’t see.
    I can’t hear.
    I am selfish.
    I want Pakistan to face more humiliation in front of international community.
    I believe all the reason to dislike him are false.
    and the list continuous , Pakistanis who like Nawaz are realy pathetic and miserable , either they are innocent or they really don’t want the betterment of this country.

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