What do you think about the coronavirus?

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  1. Originally Answered: What do you think about the Corona virus?
    I think everybody needs to learn what they are asking about. A coronavirus is a family of viruses that have a distinctive appearance under an electron microscope. They look like tiny little crowns. There are many different ones.SARS is one species of coronavirus ( believed to be hosted by bats in China). The Wuhan virus is a totally new species of virus in the coronavirus family. It is not believed at this time to be a simple mutation of SARS. It is not known where it originated, but it is particularly dangerous because it is easily passed from person to person directly, just like a cold. It is not a hoax or prank. China is losing millions and millions of dollars by imposing no travel orders at the height of one of their most profitable festivals. The Chinese government ( or any other government, for that matter) would not choose such a time to perpetuate a hoax, no matter what they wanted to hide. The same precautions that protect you from a cold or the flu will help protect you from this disease — wash your hands often, stay out of crowds, stay home from work if you are sick, and wash your hands!( I cannot emphasize that enough.) And as soon as a good vaccine is available, get it. And getting a pneumonia vaccine now wouldn’t hurt, if you haven’t already had it. A flu vaccine won’t help, because it is definitely not a variation of the flu.

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