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  1. Originally Answered: What can you say about Turkish men?
    Since I am a Turkish man, lets start.

    First thing first, there is no general type of Turkish men. We differ a lot, at least from my point of view. But of course there are several things everyone has. Such as most of us very jealous and persistent. To give a specific example, my home city is where my university is as well, so I take university’s bus to school every morning. Most of the time(last one happened in monday). I see Turkish man trying to talk with Turkish girls which is normal at first. But even though girl ignores him, she doesn’t say hi just waves her hand etc. They just don’t stop. On monday, same thing again happens, and when bus arrives to the stop to pick us up, me and my friend sat at the back which there are 4 seats and a girl sits at the other end of the seats. A guy immediately comes who is probably in same department with her and knows her name tries to talk to her. Girl never asks anything and always gives the shortest answer, if she ever gives one. This happens a lot in Turkey. I simply don’t know what is wrong with us. Of course, this doesn’t mean every Turkish men act like this(I know I don’t and there are lots of others as well). But still there are so many of them. Secondly, we are very protective when it comes to our family or friends.

    I decided to go anonymous because I know some of us will disagree and they don’t know where to stop. Same thing happened to me in Quora before. In another question I answered with honesty, I just told what it came to my mind. And nobody said anything except a Turkish man. I answered him in comment section and he just kept insisting on what I must do. Sure, this is an open to anyone to share their views. If you like to share yours, fine share it why does he fell obligated to tell me what is right or wrong for me? I’ll never understand that about ourselves.

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