What do you want to say to the people of Pakistan


What do you want to say to the people of Pakistan

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  1. As an Muslim, I just hope that they may forget what has happened in 1947, and should try to concentrate on their overall progress, they should begin Islamic institutions and other educational institute.

  2. Dear Pakistani, though historically we both India and Pakistan share same ancestry but you owe your ancestory to Islamic invaders, looters, killers and you chose to live separately from us and in 1947 you carved out a separate Muslim homeland by the name of Pakistan. When this failed to satisfy you, you waged 4 full scale wars and countless terror attacks on Indian soil,but still you could not subjugate Hindu India. As against all your design, India is emerging stronger by every day, it is now world’s one of the strongest economy. Where do you stand in all these years,you are a nation of poorest and most impoverished people in the world. Pakistan is branded as a nation who harbor terrorists.

    Dear Pakistani, its for you to choose your destiny, as an Indian, we want peaceful coexistence, live and let us live in peace. Peace can only bring prosperity , terrorism,and other forms of violence have resulted in poverty.

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