What do young people in Iran think about India and Indians?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 18, 2020 05:27 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 05:28 AM

Very positive surprisingly.

Iranians are very proud and patriotic nation. Iranians can come across as racist and this is evident based on their questions on Quora. Comparing yourself to Germans or Italians is pathetic. Iranians are largely multi ethnic. Some are white (like me) some are brown or few are black. Most of us have dark hair, mine is ginger, with mostly brown eyes, green is common and blue is rare.

We like to believe we are related to Germans and Italians are our cousins, and this is just outrageous but realistically we look closer to Turkish, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqi, Afghan, Armenian, Georgian, Pakistani and sometimes even Indian people.

Being the whitest Iranian out there myself, I have never been told I look German or Swedish or even Italian. The most exotic I often get is Brazilian when I’m tanned during summer times or Lebanese, or Syrian sometimes as Afghan too and it’s okay, not a big deal, I could be a handsome Afghan looking Iranian, it’s not end of the world.

In the view of Iranians toward Indians for what I have observed Indians can be seen as rich successful minority abroad specially in the field of business, finance, technology, STEM and medicine particularly heart surgery, seriously what’s the obsession with heart surgery??

I wish Iranians were as happy as Indians, because they both share a lot of similarities and traditions are incredibly similar. For instance, Diwali was also a festival in the Zoroastrian pre Islamic Persia era celebrated by Iranians during Mehregan month. For some Iranians, Indians can be seen as too Happy or delusional. I find Indian people to be a lot healthier mentally, it must be all that meditation and yoga. I also think younger Indian generation respect their elderly more, especially their grand parents and parents more than the younger Iranians. I’m very disappointed with the young generation of Iran, especially those under 30 years of age.

What’s a negative trait about both cultures, they always find inspiration from their neighbour but not from themselves, its always they have more, or it’s their fault for my misery, both Indians and Iranians on average are always looking to blame someone else’s for their own miseries and problems.

The grass is always greener somewhere else, for Indians, Iran is a clean, powerful Muslim country, for Iranians, India is a corrupt happy nation with abundant social freedom. There’s legal alcohol and hijab is not mandatory.

I’m very direct, blunt and straight to the point and for this you can call me German but not for my ginger hair.

Update – I forgot to mention our similarities are greater than our differences, we have a lot more in common than we imagine, our ancestors did their best to preserve what’s known today as tradition and culture, let’s build stronger bridges, stronger relations to preserve our roots for what’s needed for the earth, let’s pave the energy to the next generation and make our ancestors proud of what we have become and what kind of a Persia and India we can build together as civilizations.

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