What do your activities look like during a corona virus lock down?

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  1. Finally we can see our family members, pets and neighbourers on week days as well, what a bless!

    Some employees like me are working from home for the first time as we are in Investment Banking domain where client data protection is the highest priority, which means figuring out how to stay on task in a new environment that may not lend itself to productivity. But there are ways to deliver results and avoid going stir-crazy, from setting up a good workspace to the way you talk to your team.

    Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home is clear communication with your boss – and knowing exactly what’s expected of you. And, completing the task on a normal pace as we used to do.

    Dress is of lowest priority as long as no meeting via video conference is there where atleast top half of our body should be respected!

    Addition gain here is really adorable for a foodie like me. We can have chips,chakli, nippattu, kodubale, mixture, what not? No sharing is also an added advantage!

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