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  1. Every electronic part that is inside the PC is know as Computer Hardware. There are many parts that go inside a computer to make it functional.
    The motherboard is one of the most important hardware of a computer, based on the choice of the motherboard the other parts are decided. Each and every hardware of the computer is connected to the motherboard. These include:
    Central Processing Unit, also know as the Processor
    GPU or the Graphics Card
    CPU Cooler – It can be as simple as a fan or complex as a custom water loop.
    The chassis or the cabinet, the home of all the hardware.
    Internal Storage Device – Hard Disk Drives or Solid State Drives
    Random Access Memory (RAM)
    Fans – To create a proper air flow inside a computer and keep it cool.
    Computer peripherals – Mouse, Keyboard, Monitors, Audio Devices

    There are the bare minimum to build a computer. Although there are many other components that can be added to the build like:
    Sound Card
    Fan Controller (Directly attached to the PC)

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