What does “CR RT CHG 4.000” in a bank statement mean?

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You should probably ask a banker at your bank or call their customer service number.

I looked at this for a minute and my best guess is “credit, return charge 4.000” based on…

CR = credit

RT = return

CHG = charge

However, RT could be Routing/Transit number indicating that it had something to do with an outside credit. I don’t know why it would have 4.000 there or what that means with 3 decimal places, unless it is not an amount, but rather a code of some sort. It is not an RT number, those do not have decimals and are longer.

I hope this helps in some way. If you find out what it is, please post an update here.

It’s nothing but credit. Amount either cash or cheque or other income added to your previous balance. With Cr your SB/CA balance will be increased to that extent. Suppose, if you have loan a/c, if the amount is Credited then the balance will be decreased.

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