What does Iran stand to gain going to war with America versus what does America stand to gain going to …

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Jan 14, 2020 08:13 AM 1 Answers
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What does Iran stand to gain going to war with America versus what does America stand to gain going to war with Iran?

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Oct 01, 2021

It will not be an easy victory should the USA go to war with Iran. First, the Iranians are a proudly nationalistic country with a rich cultural history. Many are surprised to know that they have a government elected thru popular vote. So the USA is not going to be greeted by a cheering crowd throwing flowers at their feet for being liberated from an evil tyrant. No, even if you fight a bloody battle all the way to the capital, most Iranians will be enraged at a US invasion and you are going to have kids throwing stones, women spitting in US soldiers faces, chanting death to America, and the men taking to the hills and engaging in urban guerrilla warfare to fight a rear-guard war of liberation. More US soldiers will be sent home in body bags even after what the USA achieves what they claim to be a victory, than during the conventional war battles that were fought against Iran. Even during the conventional war, the USA also cannot fight a protracted war with heavy losses (Pyrrhic victory). While the USA has superior technological weaponry, they can’t afford losses, as they simply do not have the manpower or willpower to absorb heavy losses. Heaven forbid that any US president has to try and implement the draft system to drag young American men out of their homes half way across the world to Iran to replace losses on the battlefield! Another worse case scenario is if, hypothetically, the USA turns tail in its war against Iran and cuts and runs. Iran will take revenge on all the US allies, with Saudi Arabia, their first, nearest and closest target. Oil prices will go thru the stratosphere, with stock markets collapsing all across the globe.

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