What does Pakistan Army honestly think about Indian Army?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 08, 2020 04:53 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:54 AM

I belong to Chakwal, a city in Pakistan which has produced far more soldiers for armed forces of Pakistan than any other city. My father and his brothers have served in Pakistan armed forces. Here are two accounts of both respect for Indian armed forces for their valor and disrespect for them for their ‘cowardice’ (as my uncle called it):

Account from my father:

I was posted in Mureed air base Chakwal during 1971 war. An Indian air craft flying really low reached Mureed air base dodging all the radars due to the flying height and it eventually destroyed around 5 or 6 fighter jets of Pakistan loaded and ready to take off. That Indian pilot was later captured by PAF but they all respected him for his valor. Apparently, he was lost and low on fuel when he found Mureed air base and he gave it his last shot.

Account from my uncle:

During 1965 war, I was stationed at Indo-Pak border of Ran of Kutch sector. Indians started the shelling out of nowhere right at the dawn when Pakistani soldiers were having their breakfast. Pakistan soldiers replied with shelling of their own and after some time shelling from Indian side stopped. Pakistani soldiers marched forward to get hold of the situation and they saw that Indians had cowardly abandoned their posts, they were also having breakfast and it was left as it is, warm and even the broken bread pieces were left there. We finished our breakfast in Indian posts and that was the start of Pakistan’s territory gains in Ran of Kutch sector.

EDIT 1: I am not sure why Indians are reacting in such a negative manner. It was a neutral answer. Do you guys literally think that your army cannot run from the battle field? If Indo-Pak war history doesn’t help in that, please read Sino-Indian war history to see how good your army actually is when it comes to face someone with equal size.

EDIT 2: Lots of Indians in the comments have gone emotional that how I mentioned an act of cowardice performed by Indian Army. Please try to understand that armies around the world have to act on the basis of ground realities. They do not live in your fairy tales or like the stories in your school books. Pakistan army surrendered in 1971, this doesn’t make them less braver since that same army had soldiers who jumped under Indian tanks in the famous suicide attacks at Chawinda in 1965. In 1971, they did not have a choice. Many of them fought even after the orders of surrender but they all died eventually. Please try to consume that there are people in your army who are there just to earn bread for their family. They do not want anything with a war and they would literally run away if someone tries to shoot them and then there are those who would run into the shower of bullets.

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