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  1. I got sick February 22, 2020. I thought I was fine and just had a cold so continued about my life. By February 28th, I couldn’t get out of bed. A week later I thought I had recovered, but again quickly declined. My heart rate while reclined only goes below 80 when I’m asleep, when I walk around it’s always over 100 and the highest it’s gone has been 180. I’m very dizzy often and struggle to catch my breath. I can’t walk too far on my own. By March 9th I was desperately in pain and was given antibiotics, inhalers, and told to take Tylenol. By March 14th I was in the hospital and tested on March 15th. March 18th, the hospital set me up at home with a nebulizer to help me breathe. Today, March 19th has been the worst day by far. Four hours ago I got my results. Covid-19 negative. Something else has to be going around, or something was off with the test. I know a handful of other people with very similar stories, but were unable to get tested. And yes, feel free to recommend what I should do next. I’m terrified with no potential diagnosis.

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