What does Trump have against football?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 05:06 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 05:07 PM

“Donald Trump definitely pushed the all-or-nothing strategy—a switch to the autumn and a giant lawsuit—that led to the league’s demise. But the jurors came close to making a decision that would have given the USFL a good shot at besting the NFL and made Trump look like a genius. It’s also unclear whether the desperate, indebted league had another option. Trump piloted the Hindenburg, but other USFL owners—by abandoning the considered and conservative strategy of founder David Dixon—filled it with hydrogen.””Spurred on by Trump (who bullied more than he cajoled), the other owners in the USFL eventually ignored the modest (yet sure-thing) television contracts they’d been offered in favor of a fantasy-land scenario. The league, Trump promised, could make infinitely more money if they only challenged the NFL in the fall and eventually force a merger, allowing many of the USFL owners to dump their less-profitable teams, while others like the Generals survived.

The main method of winning, he reasoned, was in court. Suing the NFL in antitrust case, the USFL hoped to exploit a special stipulation: Damages in antitrust cases are tripled, meaning that the USFL could reap a massive financial payoff if it could only prove to a jury that the NFL was an unfair monopoly.

Trump was recklessly leading the charge to bet the entire league’s fate on a single court decision. He was staking thousands of people’s jobs and the league’s realistic chance at survival on one massive hand, either oblivious to the danger or simply without care for it.

The court decision remains the most worthless win in the history of sports law rulings.

Indicative of how shortsighted his decision was, the jury technically ruled in favor of the USFL. The NFL, they determined, was in fact in violation of the antitrust law. Yet that didn’t matter, because the money awarded in damages was all that Trump was really after. In that, the jury embarrassed Trump.”

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