What does your typical day look like as a computer programmer?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 10, 2020 05:16 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 10, 2020 05:17 AM

Each day is unique, but weeks follow similar pattern:


9:00 “Let’s see what to do this week”

Boss: Here is a new task, you need to make a new module. I’ve scheduled 5 days for it.
You: It’s child’s play, will be done by Wednesday.

10:00 “Okay, so let’s design it, sheet of paper and a pencil, we’ll draw 3 boxes connected with arrows like we always do. Yeah, I’m the software architect!”

11:00 “Let’s start coding!”

18:00 “Code is ready, now we should try to launch it, but the workday is over. What a pity.”


9:00 “I’m a pro, aren’t I? I can’t launch code while it has imperfect variable names. Yesterday I was in a hurry, but today I’ll fix it. For example this one – numberOfUsers, awful, let’s call it userCount. Yeah, that’s how 10x programmer calls his variables!”

17:00 “Let’s go to the status meeting”

Boss: So how’s progress?
You: Almost done, need just a couple of hours to polish it.


9:00 “Nearly forgot that we have to deploy it somehow! Okay, let’s copy-paste build scripts from other module”

11:00 “Hm, these don’t work, let’s try other module”

13:00 “These don’t work either, let’s try some other module”

15:00 “Damn, is there a single working build script in this whole company?”

17:30 “Okay, this seems to work. Now it’s installed. Should I try to launch it for the first time or go home? Hm, only half an hour left, I guess it can wait!”


9:00 “Alright, let’s try it out!”

10:00 “WTF!? Doesn’t work! But nothing that can’t be fixed.”

12:00 “Shit-shit-shit”

15:00 “Shit-shit-shit”

18:00 “39/40 tests pass and still one day left! Will ship it tomorrow morning.”


9:00 “Okay, that last test…”

10:00 “OMG! This last case doesn’t fit into my architecture!”

11:00 “Redesign! On the double!”

11:30 “Let’s code!”

12:00 “Shit-shit-shit”

13:00 “15/40 tests pass”

14:00 “30/40 tests pass”

15:00 “20/40 tests pass. WTF!?”

16:00 “Hm, phone call, I think I should answer it”

Boss: Here is a critical issue from production, just arrived, everybody is busy, fix it right now please.
You: God damn it!

17:00 “Shit-shit-shit”

18:00 “Okay, production saved, back to work!”

19:00 “35/40 tests pass. Just a little bit more….”

20:00 “Oh shit! Another case that doesn’t fit into the new architecture!”

21:00 “Redesign!!!”

22:00 “Shit-shit-shit”

23:00 “Redesign!!!1111”

24:00 “Shit-shit-shit”

Saturday (or is it still Friday?)

3:00 “Yeeess! It’s working! Eh… guys? Where is everybody?”

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