What features do you expect in mobile phones 10 years from now?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 07, 2020 08:23 AM

Originally Answered: What more we can expect from smart phones in next 10 years?
You can take the last 10 years and conclude what could happen next.

First of all there is a huge bump in processor’s performance and efficiency, but please note that we’ve also seen a huge bump in battery size after 64bit evolution.

The screens will be made even thinner lighter and more power efficient in the future.

The RAMs would definitely see a big thrusts as 64bit Processors is in the market and Samsung has already started manufacturing 6GB LPDDR4 DRAM modules for smartphone so by 2017 we can see a smartphone with a max of 12GB RAM dual channelled. Its no secret SoCs companys would try to implement as much RAM as possible, just like other markets.

Processor would be completely in hands of ARM. Only they know what are they building. Recently they have come up with Multi-Cluster processing with Helio X20 as an example which has 3 different clusters working independently. HMP or heterogeneous multi processing was an amazing implementation which literally boosted processor performance, it allowed all cores to run independently and simultaneously.

Some years ago, fingerprint scanner were expensive and was only seen in offices and corporation but these days the technology has made it so small that it can fit in your smartphone, modules weighs less than 20g. More implementations will continue to evolve. 3D Imaging could be the next big thing as its already done, but the technology needs improvement.

Standard Storage space will continue to get larger in size, as the price per mb gets reduced.

Camera Quality will evenly increase and will never stop. Its not only about the Megapixel but the Quality of Picture produced by the sensor.

As Android has evolved, Google have tried to embed the basic side apps into its OS by each upgrade and will continue to do so. More and more features will come up and soon Android will take over Apple’s iOS quality; the quality hardware gets cheaper day by day and performance per $ gets increased rapidly. Just see the Doze feature of Android 6.0, it has literally doubled my phone’s standby time, and standard animation looks smoother than 5.1.1

We may see heatsinks in phones due to the heat produced by 22nm ARMv8 processors. These are cheap but produce more heat than 14nm ARMv8.

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