What freedom that you have in Pakistan that you cant have in Saudi Arabia?

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Jan 04, 2020 02:05 PM 1 Answers
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What freedom that you have in Pakistan that you cant have in Saudi Arabia?

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Sep 30, 2021

Pakistan sure has some flaws but when compared with Saudi Arabia, we are completely on another Level.

[1] You can find Sikh temples, Churches, Hindu temples, Artwork and Statues of Buddhas.

This one is my favorite. Sikh Gurdwara right next to a Mosque, in Lahore.

(Below: from another angle)

[2] We can criticize our Government. We have a very independent Media and Social Media where you have a liberty to criticize those in Power. Different TV Shows and Anchors in Pakistan are common where they can raise almost any issue and debate on that.

[3] Freedom of Art and Music

We have theaters in Pakistan for both Male and Female Artists. Theaters are in almost every Metropolis of Pakistan who often invite International performers.

Music is the soul of Pakistan. There is absolutely no ban on Music and musical instruments, Coke studio Pakistan is a prime example of it.

[4] Co-education exists in Pakistan. At least in the major cities of Pakistan, co-education is common from Primary level to University level.

[5] Women rights

Hijab is not mandatory in Pakistan.

Women in Pakistan can Drive, Can join Politics, can become Ministers, Prime Minister, Army Generals, can Open bank accounts, can travel without male guardian, they can launch a Start-up, they run businesses, heck they can even fly fighter jets.

[6] Freedom to visit Iran

Pakistanis have the freedom to travel and visit Iran without filling too much Paper work.

[7] No Kafala Law

A system in which many Workers suffer abuses and exploitation, thankfully there is no such practicing legal system in Pakistan.

[8] Democracy

While there are some Ups and Downs in Pakistan’s democracy but we have had (almost) Two democratically elected Liberal parties ruling Pakistan for the past Decade. The third one is coming in June, 2018.

[9] No Sharia nonsense

Public executions are not allowed. In fact death penalties in Pakistan were at all time Low until the Peshawar School massacre.

[10] Freedom of Religious events

Minorities can celebrate their religious events. Diwali celebrations in Pakistan.

Minorities in Pakistan also have the freedom to serve in Government services.

Pakistan definitely is much better in comparison with Saudi Arabia, and I do not see it turning more Islamic.

What remains a greater challenge in Pakistan is the existing Blasphemy Law which needs immediate improvements.

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