What happened in a hotel while you were on vacation that you will never forget?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:33 PM

Originally Answered: What is the most memorable incident you have had during your stay in a hotel?
I was a self proclaimed “road warrior” for many years and usually spent about 250+ nights per year away from home in hotels. I’ve had many unique and unusual incidents happen in hotels but a few always seem to rise to the top of my memory bank;

1-I was at the Marriott Pacific Palace in Hong Kong. This was my go to hotel when in Hong Kong and most of the staff knew me by my first name although they usually referred to me as Mr. ______. They almost always put me in the same room because they knew I liked that particular view (overlooking the harbor). So, up to the 17th floor I go, insert the card key into the lock, open the door and head for the drapes covering the windows. I get about 3 steps into the room when the bathroom door opens and out walks a naked lady (about 25 years old) demanding to know what I am doing in her room. I showed her my card key and said the front desk checked me into this room. She walked over to the bedside nightstand, called the front desk and wanted to know why they checked me into her room. She looked back at me and told me I needed to go back downstairs and get another room. I guess it really did not dawn on me at the time that she was still totally naked and was making no effort to cover herself. I made a profuse apology, backed out the door and went downstairs to get a different room. The front desk clerk was mortified and apologetic for his mistake saying he just automatically gave me a key for my regular room. He handed me a key for the room which was right next door to the one I had just accidentally barged into surprising it’s occupant. As I entered my room, I decided to call the lady next door and apologize for the intrusion. She answered the phone and I explained the error. I also apologized and asked if I could make up for the mistake by buying her a drink. She accepted and asked me to open the door that joined our rooms together. To my surprise, she was still naked! She had a rather sly look on her face and suggested we order room service for the drinks. She then looked at me and asked if I remembered her. I must have answered her question with the totally dumbfounded look on my face as I shook my head no. She then explained that she was one of the flight attendants on our flight from Portland. All I could think to say was I did not recognize her without her uniform. That elicited a big laugh and put a whole new meaning to “flying the friendly skies” for the rest of the evening.

2-I was in Goa India for a weekend conference. We were at one of the better hotels but by US standards it would probably only get a 3 star rating. It was clean and had a nice ocean view but was rather dated and run down. Goa was originally a Portuguese settlement and its predominance of brownish red brick buildings was out of place with most other cities in India. The conference was going well but was very boring and I found myself nodding off as a result of some severe jet lag and an arduous 10 day trip behind me. I decided to quietly exit and sneak back to my room for a little mid-day nap. To my surprise, there was a maid in my room cooking. I asked what she was doing and quickly found out she did not speak English. She hurried out but was giving me a pleading look to not say anything to anybody. One of her co-workers came up and explained that she was cooking her lunch while cleaning my room because she had not had any breakfast and was hungry. I never said a word to the management because I was sure she would be fired and she looked like she really needed the job. The pungent aroma of the Indian spices she had been using remained for the last two days I was there. How she ever though she would get away with her plan without me knowing was beyond me.

3-Juan Le Pins France. Neat little town between Nice and Cannes., close to our European development center. I had to visit at least quarterly but always enjoyed staying on the beach. As many of you know, the beaches in France are well known for being topless and as an American not used to such sights, I would spend long days on the weekends, firmly planted on the beach or taking long walks admiring the scenery (I finally got used to it after several visits and began to think nothing of it). One afternoon I was returning to my room and a young lady asked me if she could use my shower. She was Italian (with blond hair) from Milan and spoke pretty good English. I told her of course she could shower. I waited on the bed watching TV while she showered. She was using the hair dryer and when she finally came out was fully dressed and ready to leave Then she asked me if I would take her to get something to eat. I agreed as I was usually stuck eating alone on these trips and her company would be welcome. Turns out she was a college student on break and just visiting the coast for some rest and relaxation. Not only pretty but very bright as well. Turns out she was a Med. student and had just finished her finals so was really tired. The next request was not really a surprise when she asked if she could stay in my room for the night but wanted to be able to sleep in separate beds. No problem by me, I was enjoying her company.

What occured next was a total shock. Knock on the door and her mother and father came walking in dropping their bags by the bed and heading for the bathroom to clean up. They stayed all night, woke up the next morning and headed back to Milan by car. To add insult to injury, they stuck me with their breakfast tab and parking fees to park their car in the hotel lot.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:33 PM

Originally Answered: What is the most memorable incident you have had during your stay in a hotel?
So I was staying in Visakhapatnam in India at the Taj Residence. It was one of the nicer hotels in town at the time (mid 2000’s) This was about my 3rd or 4th visit (I was doing field service on the instrument from hell at a nearby NTPC power plant). I think I spent roughly 2 weeks at the Taj. During that time I ate dinner each evening in the Chinese restaurant in the hotel. (Mainly because I had never been a fan of Indian food and the only other choice in the hotel was Chinese) The food was really excellent and the service was top notch! I was aware that in India it was not customary to leave a 15-20% tip as we do in the States. But, the meals were excellent and cheap and the service was amazing. Besides, I was on a generous expense account. So, each night I left a good tip of around 20%, always in cash. The service got progressively better as the days went by. On my last night in town I mentioned to the staff that I had accomplished my mission and that I was off for home the next day. The meal proceeded uneventfully, as I got up to leave after paying the bill I realized that there was a receiving line between me and the door to the main hotel. All of the staff that had waited on me during my stay were lined up (3 or 4 of them) and they each had small gift wrapped packages for me! Apparently, while my meal was being cooked, they ran out and bought small souvenirs and even got them wrapped up! I was flabbergasted! Such hospitality and kindness, I am still blown away by those guys! I am sure they paid for the gifts out of their own pockets. I am in shock at their generosity even in the face of their poverty.

The Taj wasn’t perfect, it was starting to show it’s age and they couldn’t get a box lunch made for me in time for my 7am departure each morning to save their lives! But, they sure made up for their shortcomings with their efforts and attitude. Just amazing! In fact, when I went back about a year later I was greeted by name by the doorman! Wow!

The people at the Taj made what was generally a miserable experience a little more tolerable! Well done!

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